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Архив: Help Extremly Urgent


I have 16 kiosks around the country and have just discovered that if you hold the mouse over a picture like the one that is our startpage (kiosks.redwebonline.co.uk) and click on the button that opens the my pictures folder and then go up a couple of levels open all users you have free access to the entire system and all programs!!!!! If anybody can help I would extremley greatful as Im loosing a lot of money, stew(at)redwebonline.com

Stew Sharpe
RedWebOnline Ltd
01483 797 222

Ответ: (1)

Re: Help Extremly Urgent 14.07.2006 11:05

for maximum security always use the restricted SiteKiosk user under protected mode (by using the SiteKiosk System Security Manager), under which the described behaviour is not reproducible.

If for whatever reason you need to use a lower security setting, you can disable the picture toolbar by logging on with the user you want to run SiteKiosk with (this is crucial, as this is a user dependent setting – note that for the SiteKiosk user you need to set the user to unprotected first to be able to do the following steps and set it to protected again afterwards) and then go to the IE, click on
Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced
and disable ‘Enable Image toolbar’.

For the next release of SiteKiosk (6.5, due in a few weeks) the image toolbar will be disabled by default for the restricted SiteKiosk user.

Michael Olbrich