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Архив: Startpage Not Configured


We are seeing an intermitant problem and I saw a similar post on this group, but with no solution.

Occasionally a new user will login (after paying with credit card or other payment method) and a error page "The StartPage is not configured" will appear in the browser. If the user types a URL, the Web works fine. HOwever, this is causing a lot of difficulty for the employees becuase customers think there is a problem and ask for help. This problem is only intermitant and of course whenever I try it, it works fine. However, I have personally witnessed this happen to several customers.

I saw that someone else posted this same problem, but there was no suggested solution posted.

Please help!

Ответ: (1)

Re: Startpage Not Configured 20.06.2006 18:25

there was no solution posted because there was no answer to the follow up post and it was not reproducible. If you are experiencing a similar problem and you can assist us in reproducing the error, there may be a solution to it as well.
Please send your configuration file and the SiteKiosk log file from a day this problem occurred to support-europe(at)sitekiosk.com. As you were seeing the problem yourself, include a detailed step by step procedure what to do in order to sometimes see this happen.

Thorsten Abdinghoff