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Архив: Dissappearing Start Page Logo/Items


We are running 4 SiteKiosk v6.2.51 systems. We have customized the StartPage with our logo and the two (2) text boxes to display information before the user logs in.

After a couple of hours of running, all of the SiteKiosk terminals will lose all graphical customization. The logo will not appear and the two text boxes do not appear. The user can still login, however, our information is not shown. We have tried everything, fresh uninstall/reinstall, chancging settings, nothign has worked.

Anyone else seeing this problem. Any ideas how to try to resolve this?

Ответ: (1)

Re: Dissappearing Start Page Logo/Items 20.06.2006 18:13

this information is stored in the SiteKiosk configuration, which is loaded to the PC memory on every start of SiteKiosk. This configuration does not store this specific information but also the other SiteKiosk settings. If this information would not be available the rest of SiteKiosk would not work either.
Where do you store the configuration file and is it accessible to SiteKiosk on every start? Do you use the restart intervals from the maintenance settings page of SiteKiosk and does this interval match the time period of your problem? Are you using some kind of hard- or software solution that reverts a PC back to a specific point?

Thorsten Abdinghoff