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Архив: Disable the F8 key


Dear Sir

As I understand, by running the sitekiosk the computer will be protected against instrusion.
My problem is with the booting sequence.

I have already create a BIOS password, but I do not know how to desable the F8 key preventing access to the correspondent menu.

So, how can I desable this key?

Is there any more thing I should take care during the boot sequence, despite the BIOS password and F8 Key?



Ответ: (1)

Re: Disable the F8 key 20.07.2006 17:40

using SiteKiosk it is not necessary to disable the F8 boot key.
But if you are desperate to disallow users from using F8 then follow the instructions (at your own risk and for Win2k/XP only):

* search for the file ntldr in your root folder: e.g. c:/ntldr (System File)
* change attributes for NTLDR from Read-Only to writeable
* open NTLDR with a binary editor
* search for "CD 16 0F 85 09"
* change it to "CD 16 90 90 90"
* reboot

The messages are still there but pressing F8 will have no effect at all. You may want to change the startup line with blanks or any text you like.

If you're using the resticted SiteKiosk user (autostart) and you've set a BIOS password there is nothing more to take care of.

Michael Olbrich