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Архив: Deleting credit say after 5 min of no user interaction


Many of my internet kiosk clients dont use the log off button and leave the credit available to new customers!
The credid will go slowly down but if nomeone comes quick they get some free credit...
Is there any way to say for example...when say no user interaction has been detected in 5 minutes a window appear saying your credit will be deleted in 10 seconds ...accept cancel..in case the user was still sitting at the kiosks...

Ответ: (1)

Re: Deleting credit say after 5 min of no user interaction 17.07.2006 16:15

SiteKiosk can't recognize if the user only pause or has left.
Therefore there are no possibilities to make any settings in the normal SiteKiosk configuration.
But you can use the SiteKiosk Object Model to script a solution.

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Best regards,
Michael Olbrich