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Архив: MSN uk blocking kiosks!


From a couple of days ago my internet kiosks get blocked and return to start page when a user logs in to their english hotmail...

Could you help me fix this? could it be due to a security problem...?? the page trying to use some java or something??

I have a hotmail acout also but mine logs in thru windows live mail interface web.... and does not hang up the kiosks

Do I need to lower the kiosks security level ??


Ответ: (2)

Re: MSN uk blocking kiosks! 05.07.2006 16:28

I couldn't reproduce your problem on our test machines; I could also login like you did.
There are known problems regarding the login at www.hotmail.com.

Have you looked into the log files if there is anything what indicates a problem with hotmail?

If this doesn't help:
To isolate the problem, could you please send me the SiteKiosk configuration and the SiteKiosk log file of this machine?
You'll find these files in
--> c:\Program Files\SiteKiosk\Config
and --> c:\Program Files\SiteKiosk\Logfiles
(Maybe also the data’s of the account the problem occurs)

Michael Olbrich
Re: MSN uk blocking kiosks! 28.07.2006 13:31
unfortunately it seems that there is a Bug in the BETA Version 6.5.85 causing this problem.

You have the possibility to change to the actual release Version 6.2.51 or to SiteKiosk 6.5.115 BETA 2.

Best regards,
Michael Olbrich