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Архив: Use of AntiVirus Software and System Security Manager


Dear Sir

I have three questions.

1º - Is it ok to have a Anti-Virus Software as Norton from Symantec, working under the SiteKiosk?
Will exist any conflit?

2º - If we run the sitekiosk under the Sitekiosk account previously configuered by the System Security Manager with the option "Protected", some aplications in some websites do not work. For example, some games under the www.miniclip.com and the www.shockwave.com website, do not work. So, my question is, if instead the option "Protected", we chose the option "Customized" wich items or policies should we disable to avoid these problems.

3º - If we do not run the File Security Manager to automaticaly configure the Sitekiosk account with option "Protected" before running the SiteKiosk with password activated, will the computer be completed unprotected, or can we still expect an high degree of protection?



Ответ: (1)

Re: Use of AntiVirus Software and System Security Manager 20.06.2006 16:48

we do not recommend any specific manufacturer. We recommend that the antivirus software runs as a Windows service instead of user dependent. This way you do not need to configure anything special in regard to SiteKiosk or even the restricted SiteKiosk user.

There is no general answer to what policies you should activate or deactivate when it comes to using specific applications etc. under the restricted SiteKiosk user. Any programmer of an application can choose which directory to use for the application and so on. Please take care of the basic hints we give in our help file regarding external applications.
When it comes to the two websites you mention, the problem probably is that you just did not install the appropriate shockwave player. This just needs to be done once under an administrator user outside of SiteKiosk when the terminal is setup. The player is then useable with no further configuration under the SiteKiosk user as well (running with the default protected settings applied by the SiteKiosk System Security Manager).

When you did not protect the SiteKiosk user first, it is a normal restricted Windows user. SiteKiosk still gives you enough protection, your system is just missing that little extra protection this setting gives.

Thorsten Abdinghoff