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Запрос поддержки: Another script is ran at startup sitekiosk software



I have created a script (.bat) to connect to a network drive. This script is tested and works like a charm. If it test sitekiosk under a normal windows user the script runs and the drive is connected. But when I change the autologon user (to the sitekiosk user) and reboot the pc, the kiosk software runs other script. I don't know which script this is. Are there other locations then c:\start to check ? Are there other settings that I can look at ?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Another script is ran at startup sitekiosk software 11.01.2021 16:36

By default SiteKiosk doesn’t run any script automatically. Otherwise it only runs JS or VBS script files (not batch) that you can you add to the SiteKiosk configuration tool.

Therefore you may use this example to run a batch: https://www.provisio.com/en-GB/CustomerSupportCenter/ArticleDetails.aspx?ArticleID=8897

As noted: >>>When you implement your own application, you may have to observe certain user access rights. These include “read AND write access“ to the corresponding directories.
If necessary, you can use the System Security Wizard to adjust this and other rights for the SiteKiosk user<<<

The application “net.exe” is blocked by default in the SiteKiosk user account.
Therefore you also need to allow the “net.exe” like described for the “cmd.exe” in the article:

Otherwise (and advised) you may map that network path as permanent network drive on Windows using the windows explorer while logged in as SiteKiosk user.
Here the information how to get access to the explorer in the SiteKiosk user account:

Then it works without using any script.

Michael Olbrich