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Запрос поддержки: Problem with TrendMicro agent


Good morning, I have some infopoint with SK installed with Windows 10 and TrendMicro antivirus agent. My customer recently updated the core of TrendMicro and SK doesn't start anymore (only a black screen appears).
Now I try to apply some exceptions to the agent and I would like to know, if possible, wich executables and others programs are loaded so I can setup TrendMicro agent more safely than exclude the entire SK folder.

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Re: Problem with TrendMicro agent 15.12.2020 11:36

Generally I would advise to check the log of your Antivirus Application.
Otherwise you may allow all EXE applications located in the SiteKiosk folder (and subfolders).

The main browser with IE Skin needs the "SiteKiosk.exe" in the SiteKiosk folder while the Chrome Skin also needs other EXE files located in "…\SiteKiosk\Chomium" and "...SiteKiosk\SiteKioskNG".

Furthermore SiteKiosk starts a software watchdog (Watchdog.exe).

Also some services must run before SiteKiosk starts (skpcdsvc.exe, SiteRemoteClientService.exe and SiteKiosk.ContentServiceClient.exe).

Otherwise I know of 3 specific cases where a problem may occur when starting SiteKiosk:
1. SiteKiosk was installed without the appropriate Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable (only happens if you use the MSI file instead of SiteKiosk9.exe, e.g. with Microsoft SCCM)
2. If you have reactivated the Windows account "Administrator" (with the name Administrator) and start SiteKiosk in this account
3. If you are connected to your computer via Windows Remote Desktop during SiteKiosk startup

Michael Olbrich