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Запрос поддержки: SiteKiosk - Accessing this URL is prohibited!


Thanks Andre. I followed your instructions based on Ticket ID: 25654 but still getting the error "SiteKiosk - Accessing this URL is prohibited!

"See attachment for skcfg and LogFile

Sorry I wasn't able to attach file on my previous Ticket ID: 25654

When we attempt click on a link to upload a data we receive ' Access Denied' (see below for complete error). I have gone to the surfing area and added the below URL but not sure if i did it wrong or if I need to do more. I can access the link and upload the data i need outside of the SiteKiosk console. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

According to the surf area rules the navigation to mdtcldss-upload://aHR0cHM6Ly9jYXJlbGluay5taW5pbWVkLmV1L2FwaS91cGxvYWRlci92MS9wYXRpZW50/MGIwMWZkZTItMGFmMy00ZjNmLWI0NWMtNTJiODQwY2UxODAz was canceled.

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Re: SiteKiosk - Accessing this URL is prohibited! 25.11.2020 23:08

Thank you for your inquiry. In the Surfing Area URLs/Paths, you selected the right protocol (*://) but the URL field might be the cause of the error. Remove this additional piece and test again:

Leave this portion: aHR0cHM6Ly9jYXJlbGluay5taW5pbWVkLmV1L2FwaS91cGxvYWRlci92MS9wYXRpZW50

At the backend, it will come together like this:

If this does not work, your website requires further login credentials to test. Please try testing with the SiteKiosk Chrome Browser instead of IE. With still no progress, please send your the best steps to replicate your issue to support-america(at)provisio.com referencing this post.

Version notice: Please note that any support given is done with the latest version of SiteKiosk, currently v9.8 build 5547.

Best regards,