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Запрос поддержки: Sitekiosk


In a Sitekiosk in full-screen mode, the browser does not expand to full screen automatically when it is called with a specified link by pressing the corresponding button on the start screen. The browser is launched in an incompletely expanded form and is expanded to full screen only manually. Photos of screens in the archive. We also checked the work of the full screen mode through the site filter, registered a domain, it also does not work and does not expand to full screen. Tell me how to solve this problem so that the browser in full screen mode expands itself to full screen when it starts. Also tell me how to display the browser navigation bar in fullscreen mode, as it only appears if you uncheck the "Activate fullscreen mode" option.

Ответ: (1)

Re: Sitekiosk 04.11.2020 12:03

The main browser window and also the start screen is always displayed in full screen. If you also want that the new windows maximize you can enable the option "Start new browser windows maximized” that you can find at "Start Page & Browser-->[Start Screen]-->Customize-->Browser Skin-->Advanced-->Settings".

The fullscreen mode you activated always displays the web page without any browser elements.
If you want to display the browser navigation bar you need to disable the fullscreen mode.
To only display certain browser elements (e.g. no URL address bar) you can use the settings at Start Page & Browser-->[Start Screen]-->Customize-->Browser Skin-->Advanced-->Browser Toolbar".

Michael Olbrich