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Запрос поддержки: UserAccessPatcher


I was hoping I could get the necessary cmd-line switches needed to run the UserAccessPatcher.exe file silently with a batch script or other means?

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Re: UserAccessPatcher 28.04.2020 18:01

Thank you for your inquiry. The program useraccesspatcher.exe is a single run program and takes no line arguments. It must be ran in at least the admin account. You will run this program before you set Auto Start or run SKstartup.exe command and parameters. If you un-protect and re-protect the restricted user account with the System Security Manager ,then you will need to run the useraccesspatcher program again before Auto Start. This only makes changes to the restricted user account. If you are using a domain account or another local user, then this program will not be necessary.

Best regards,
Re: UserAccessPatcher 28.04.2020 21:23
Ok, thank you. Don't know why I didn't think to try it without switches. It is working as expected without any switches in CLI.

Thanks again.
Re: UserAccessPatcher 28.04.2020 21:44

Thank you for the feedback. You're welcome and I am wishing all the best.

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