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Запрос поддержки: viewing tiff files


Hello, I'm able to display tiff files or images in sitekiosk browser on a windows 7 machine after installing the Alternatiff plug-in for IE.
I installed the same plug-in on a windows 10 system but cannot display tiff files. It downloads instead of diplaying the image. How can i set sitekiosk browser to display tiff files? I'm running the same sitekiosk version on both systems 9.7.5320
Please advise.

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Re: viewing tiff files 16.04.2020 19:39
Hi Bertrand,

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, Windows Photo Viewer was not enabled in Windows 10 by default. We do not provide support to enable it but other resources are available on the internet. You can install another open source picture viewing application that you can install in the Program Files directory. The Windows Photos App is not compatible with SiteKiosk.

Once you are able to set your file associations in Windows 10 (by right clicking and select "Open With" or go to System Settings>>Apps>>Default Apps>>Choose Apps by File Type), then you will :

-In File Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Skins\Public\Media\FileManager\XML and open file config.xml (best to use Notepad Editor or other with Run as Administrator )
- add the file extension to this list ie, "tiff"or "tiff": <extension types="doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx,pps,ppsx,rtf,sxw,odt,dot,dotx,ods,sxc,odp,sxi,ott,stw,otp,sti" useregistry="true"/>
-In SiteKiosk Configuration, you will need to add the executable for your viewer application to the allowed Application list. (Not necessary for the Windows Photo Viewer app.)
-Test your concept in Start Once, then Auto Start.

Best Regards,