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Запрос поддержки: Exit screen not working



After update to 9.7.4905 we are not able to open exit screen.

After we input exit shortcut, exit screen apear. But its white and empty. After few moment we usually get not responding.

We have not trouble with 9.6 or later 9.7 versions on same machines

Is there any way we can logout from sitekiosk and update it to a later versions.

Thank you

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Re: Exit screen not working 09.03.2020 9:32

You may check this FAQ for more information about how to exit SiteKiosk in case of problems

You may first edit the registry to prevent the auto login and then press the emergency key combinations to login as administrator again.
That procedure is described in the FAQ below “If none of these steps worked.
Editing the Windows Registry is now your last resort.“

The latest SiteKiosk version can be downloaded here:

Michael Olbrich
Re: Exit screen not working 10.03.2020 16:12

Well I have already solved the problem.

Problem is probably in your patch, when is installed on PCs without win update KB4532693

We installed this patch on our machines just as prevention from KB4532693 issue. We dont have time to perform a full win update on all machines at the time.

Also its causing this issue only on 9.7xx version, when we downgrade to 9.6xx exit is working just fine.

After upgrading again to 9.7xx on the same machine exit window is crashing again. (Blank window, only microsoft windows working swirl is shown from time to time, eventualy taskmgr asks if we want to end sitekiosk)

After few days I noticed in windows aplication logs that sitekiosk is crashing constantly trying to reach some folder in restricted user without permissions.

So I I tried to allow full access on sitekiosk restricted user folders in sitekiosk options and out of blue exit is woking flawleslly.

I dont know if Im right on all points but allowing a full access is working for me.

I can provide you more info later, right now we are very busy repairing our machines.

Thank you
Re: Exit screen not working 10.03.2020 16:18

You generally can also execute the patch before installing the Windows Updates from February 2020.

But when not using the most current SiteKiosk Version (9.7.5324) you need to re-run the patcher application each time you are using the SiteKiosk System Security Manager to set the SiteKiosk user to Protected unless you are using the SiteKiosk version that explicitly fixes this problem.

You don’t need to use the patch at all when using the fixed version: https://www.provisio.com/link/SiteKioskDownload

Michael Olbrich