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Сообщение об ошибке: Chrome is not starting (.NET error)




I need use Chrome in my SiteKiosk configuration. I have a problem that Chrome is failing. There is only white screen with some simple logo. Internet Explorer is working correctly. There is this log entry evyrytime this happens:

Application: SiteKiosk.Launcher.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.

My configuration is this:
- Win10 1709 build
- Win10 installation is mostly default but there is some small customization. However no GPO etc applied.
- I am using SCCM OSD TS for installing Kiosks Windows OS.
- There seems to be few KB articles about this kind of issues but I could not found any solution

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Re: Chrome is not starting (.NET error) 28.03.2018 9:14

Did you install all Windows Updates on that machine?
If not you may do all updates and check again.
Is there any anti-virus application installed?
In case it is you may check its configuration and make sure that it doesn’t block SiteKiosk (or even check again after uninstalling the anti-virus application – just for testing).

If that doesn’t help please send the SiteKiosk configuration (…\SiteKiosk\Config\YourConfig.skcfg) and the file “SiteKioskNG.log” from the folder “C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Temp” ([User Name] = the Windows user you started SiteKiosk within) as ZIP to
Please also provide the information at which date & time you tried to start SiteKiosk with Chrome Browser Skin and which “small customizations” were done on this system.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Chrome is not starting (.NET error) 28.03.2018 13:58

Yes, I re-checked today that I have all Microsoft patches installed. The "small customization" that we have in our Windows image is that we have some MS default Appx (mail, store etc) removed.

I also installed today out-of-box Windows 10 1709 Enterprise version and I have same issue there.

There is no 3rd party AntiVirus installed. There is Microsoft Defender.

I'll send log files via email within few minutes.

Pekka Kellokoski
Re: Chrome is not starting (.NET error) 28.03.2018 14:05

I will wait for the files then.

As SiteKiosk is generally tested and supported with Windows 10 (see system requirements: https://www.provisio.com/en-GB/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?system_requirements.htm) you may also verify that you are using the latest SiteKiosk version.
Download: https://www.provisio.com/en-GB/Downloads/Download.aspx?ItemId=1

Michael Olbrich
Re: Chrome is not starting (.NET error) 28.03.2018 15:22
I just sent log files. Note that configuration used is very simple.
There was basically nothing in log files. Note that when SiteKioks hangs, you have to take restart in Order to recover situation.

Re: Chrome is not starting (.NET error) 03.04.2018 10:28

As we are in contact via e-mail now I will close this request.
General note for other customers:
When using the MSI installer of SiteKiosk (e.g. via SCCM) you need to make sure the required .NET or Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable version is installed before installing SiteKiosk.
Also see this FAQ:

Generally there is no known issue with installing SiteKiosk on supported operating systems.
Before you install please download the latest version and check the system requirements.
You may also check the .NET installation and make sure it is up to date.
Download: http://www.provisio.com/en-US/Downloads/Download.aspx?ItemId=1 <http://www.provisio.com/en-US/Downloads/Download.aspx?ItemId=1>;
System requirements: http://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?system_requirements.htm <http://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?system_requirements.htm>;

Michael Olbrich