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Archive: HtmlDialogSnippet with PaymentInfoDlg.htm


Can anyone please inform me about how to use HtmlDialogSnippet and hsn files to skin the payment dialog, in particular to skin sitecafe part of the dialog box?
Also how can I locate the file or template that calls the sitecafe icon that's at "SiteKiosk\SiteCash\Html\Images\Dialog\Icons" ?


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Re: HtmlDialogSnippet with PaymentInfoDlg.htm 25/07/2006 21:51
more clearly, what i'd like to do is to create hsn for sitecafe device, (i already have hsns for dummydevice and credit card dev.) and i'd like to skin the sitecafe portion of the payment dialog with that hsn file. any ideas about what the easiest way for that would be?
Re: HtmlDialogSnippet with PaymentInfoDlg.htm 26/07/2006 16:10

the file you have to change is called "RemoteCtrlDlg.hsn" and is stored

Best regards,
Michael Olbrich