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Archive: I am amazed to see this nice program.


I found it to be a bit restrictive but very useful at the same time. Nice work.
Now a coupl of items I wisht o bring Frames in IE is not suggessted at any time I thought yet coming here to your home site shows me they are being used. humm

Are you ready for IE7
Apparently Microsoft will be shortly sending it out via autoupdates on all XP platforms.

Nice to see your program I can see many others would like to have it also.

Great work keep it UP!

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Re: I am amazed to see this nice program. 17/08/2006 15:43

for your Frames problem you maybe should have a look at

At the moment there is only a Beta3 Version of the IE7 available.
SiteKiosk will be ready for the IE7 when the final version of the IE7 will be released.

Michael Olbrich