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Archive: <download-new-activex>true</download-new-activex>


What does <download-new-activex>true</download-new-activex> in the .SKCFG file control?


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Re: <download-new-activex>true</download-new-activex> 26/06/2006 14:14

this switch (false/true) refers to
-->Security-->Access-->Load new ActiveX controls
in the SiteKiosk configuration

Do not turn on this option because automatic dialer programs, viruses, or hacker tools might be installed on your computer. If your web page makes use of an ActiveX control (e.g. in connection with a banking application), load it in the regular Internet Explorer. This will allow the control to be installed on your computer. You can then use the control under SiteKiosk. You might have to check the box always trust .. when downloading the ActiveX control to prevent it from being run only once.

Michael Olbrich