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Archive: Unauthorized Function Call


I am running version 5.5 and am currently running into this problem. My company put out a new intranet where the employee has the capability to print out word docs, powerpoint and excel docs along with PDF files. Each file is accessed by using the program "docfetch.aspx" which will open a window that asks if the user wants to open, download or close. Here is a sample URL: Unfortunately, the program is written is such a way that the window is ALWAYS displayed (there is not checkbox to turn this off). As a result, everytime I click on one of these files, I get an "Unauthorized Function call". I tried alot of diffent things but I cannot seem to get this to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Unauthorized Function Call 27/07/2006 12:26

unfortunately your posted URL is not reachable.

This could be a problem regarding the settings of "Windows&Dialogs" or "Surfing Area" in the SiteKiosk configuration.
Please have a look to the log files of SiteKiosk to find out which settings you have to make. In the log files you can see the reason why you get the "Unauthorised Function call" message.
You'll find these files in
--> c:\Program Files\SiteKiosk\Logfiles

Michael Olbrich