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Archive: Unregistered software



Iamsending this from hotel that is using your software that is not registered. The hotel is marinada Hotel in salou spain thay have 2 terminals.

My grief is that the 30 secondflash screen ius displayed thus meaning custoimers. get less time

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Re: Unregistered software 20/07/2006 17:52

the Shareware Version of SiteKiosk is for testing purposes only. You have to ask the hotel administration to register SiteKiosk.

The shareware restrictions are:
- Users may enter the ESC-menu with any password, which allows access to the operating system (The password dialog you'll get if you press ESC or STRG+ALT+F8 or if you enter “skcmd://quit” as URL)
- Shareware notes that block access for 30 seconds appear in the browser every five minutes
- If you have activated an "Auto Start," Option the browser will ask for the registration code just before the browser starts

Michael Olbrich