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Archive: Malfunction with OpenOffice


When we open any of the Open Office 2.0 aplications they work fine.
The problem is when in any of this aplication we go to the bar and press Tools, and than we choose Option, something start go wrong and the sabotage mode apears continuosly.

What should be done to solve this problem?



Réponse: (1)

Re: Malfunction with OpenOffice 20/06/2006 17:55

this sounds like SiteKiosk is attempting to block a dialog according to the Windows and Dialog management settings in the SiteKiosk configuration. The way SiteKiosk attempts to close the dialog may not apply to the way the original application expects this to happen. Look for the dialog title outside of SiteKiosk and then search for the entry in the Windows and Dialogs list in the SiteKiosk configuration. Double-click the entry and change the way SiteKiosk attempts to close the dialog. For the different options click on the help button in the lower right corner.

Thorsten Abdinghoff