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Archive: HTMLDialog


Hi all,

I have create my own activex, this activex is launch in the function OnSkinLoaded(); (when sitekiosk is started).
But i have an IE popup asking if i'm sure to want to execute this activex.
How can i desable this activex ?


Réponse: (1)

Re: HTMLDialog 04/07/2006 17:18

these are settings you have to make within the Internet Explorer.
In -->Tools-->Internet Options-->Security-->Custom Level you'll find the settings regarding ActiveX (e.g. Run ActiveX Controls and PlugIns)

If this will now work in the Administrator account by choosing "Run once" you have also to make these settings for the SiteKiosk User account because these settings are user-dependent.

Therefore you have to set the System Security Manager temporarily to unprotected, login as SiteKiosk user (PW: provisio) make your changes and set the SiteKiosk user account back to protected.

Michael Olbrich