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Archive: "Billing Failed ...." error


I'm getting the following error on sitekiosk "Billing was interrupted because an error has occured while transmitting your data". I'm using serial and USB credit or debit card readers.
OS is Windows XP Pro SP2, reinstalled from a scratch, no third party firewall or ad-aware software installed. I tried on two machines but no luck, still getting the same error.
Here's what I have on the logfile regards to the billing error:
[CreditCard] AuthorizeNet: The credit card track 2 data is missing.

It gives this error immediatelly after I swipe a card and submit the payment. Seems like it even doesn't communicate with for proccessing.
I tried to reinstall drivers and un-reinstall the sitekiosk, none of them worked.

Any ideas?????????

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Re: "Billing Failed ...." error 26/06/2006 13:43

the entry "[CreditCard] AuthorizeNet: The credit card track 2 data is missing." says, for what ever reason, the card reader could not read track 2 from your credit card or there are the wrong/unexpected data on track 2 of your card. This could also indicate a hardware error of your card reader or your credit card.

Note: The credit card PlugIn of SiteKiosk does support credit cards only; not debit cards and not always the combination from credit/debit cards.

Michael Olbrich