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Archive: Debit Card being charged as a credit card is not working



We have been running your software for a while and debit cards that bear the visa/mastercard symbal and are charged as credit cards never work with SiteKiosk. We are using and Chase Paymentech. I called Paymentech and walked through a transaction on the phone and it never even got rejected etc to their end. I then tried to login to's virtual terminal and it worked with no issue with only the credit card number and exp date... no 3 digit code or address or name.

We have a card present account at and it works great with your software for all other "real" credit cards it's only when you use a bank card that an error is recieved. The error is "transaction not accepted" or something like this.

Any ideas?


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Re: Debit Card being charged as a credit card is not working 20/06/2006 17:16

the transaction not accepted message is what comes back from your gateway. SiteKiosk only displays this message. This means the account you are using with your gateway provider is not supporting the requested type of transaction.
Note that our solution is a specific credit card solution, not a debit card solution. Just as advertised on our web site and in the SiteKiosk help. That may be the reason, why the gateway is not accepting this transaction.

Thorsten Abdinghoff