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Archive: Info request about messenger


Dear Sir/Madam

On our web kiosks on the browser design we have turned on the button to allow our customers the use of the msn webmessenger.
Still they are requesting the possibility to use the existing webcam on this program, and as you know with this messenger (msn webmessenger) this is not available.

So, the alternative is to use new MSN Messenger, "Windows Live Messenger".

My question is; - if I install this program, is it safe to use it with the sitekiosk 6.5 ?
If yes, what precaucions shoud I have and what are correct procedures in terms of configuration to avoid bad surprises?

Best Regards

DR&P Ltd
Customer Nº 017139

Réponse: (1)

Re: Info request about messenger 08/08/2006 18:01

you can also run Windows Live Messenger with SiteKiosk. Just follow the basic instructions I copied over from the SiteKiosk help. Note that some of the options from the Live Messenger may have other names than the ones stated here:

Windows Messenger / MSN Messenger
Best and easiest way is to offer the Microsoft and Yahoo WEB-Messenger products to your customers. Within the SiteKiosk config tool go to "browser design", click on "customize" and activate the Web Messenger Buttons at "Messenger". That is all.

Alternative you can use the Messenger Applications. But this is tricky. Microsoft offers two very similar messenger applications: Windows Manager, which ships with every copy of Windows, and MSN Messenger "msnmsgr." If you want to use a messenger application, we recommend using Windows Messenger, as this application is much easier to control.

If you do want to use the MSN Messenger Application, we would like to give the following advice:

Add Messenger to the list of allowed applications in SiteKiosk's configuration tool.
Drive:\Path\MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
First of all, you will need to have access rights to MSN options. To achieve that, turn off all checkboxes in the configuration tool under Dialog Box and Windows Management. Save your configuration and launch SiteKiosk.
Launch SiteKiosk under the limited user account.
Launch MSN in SiteKiosk and select the entry Options under Tools, which you will find in the toolbar.
Click on the tab PRIVATE and turn on the bottommost three checkboxes. These settings are meaningful for public access terminals.
Select the tab GENERAL and disable the first checkbox, as the automatic start of MSN on Windows startup causes several problems:
the charge for using applications will be deducted if you entered MSN under programs in the configuration tool and you made the use of applications subject to a charge.
Exit SiteKiosk and return to your administrator account.
Turn off all checkboxes (languages) again under Dialog Box and Windows Management.
In contrast to MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger allows you to disable automatic launch in SiteKiosk's Security Manager. What is more, users can also relaunch Windows Messenger after it was closed, which is not possible with MSN Messenger unless SiteKiosk is launched in shell replacement mode.

If you are not able to start MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger within SiteKiosk then please make sure that these applications are not checked at forbidden programs at the sitekiosk security manager at PROGRAMS.
Also important, our notes regarding Standard Webbrowser.

Thorsten Abdinghoff