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After reading the printing setup options in the help file and having no luck to make printing with charge per page.I will try here se if you can help me..

First of all when I try to add the printer <(that is connected to another pc in the network) following steps in the first method in the help file... I cant type the \ so i cant add the printer as \pcname\printername

If I add the ip of the pc where the printer is It gives all sort of errors...

So I added the printer normaly as you would do In windows with a network printer...tell it where it is and add as network printer... and add the print option in will print pages (free) ok...but I cant find any place to mark a price per page...nothing in services ...where is this option??

What am I doing wrong?

By the way the printer is a Hp laserjet 3015

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Re: Printing 20/06/2006 15:23

there is no control regarding payment if you're installing the printer "normally".

You have to install the printer once normally at the PC where the printer is directly connected
Then once again as it is described in our help.

Procedure if the printer is connected directly to a PC (e.g. LPT):
Check: Local printer attached to this computer
Uncheck: Automatically detect and ...
Check: Create a new port
Choose type or port: Local Port
In the field "Enter a port name", enter the name of the network printer as follows: \\Computer\release name, e.g. \\MAJESTIX\BROTHER
Click OK
Select the correct driver
Enter printer name and set as default (if desired)
Print test page
Repeat these steps for all clients as well as the server (the computer the printer is connected to, if the printer is not a direct network printer). This may sound absurd, but since you are installing two printers on the server, you will have to set the simulated network printer explicitly as default. In addition, you need to disable the printer monitoring for the non-simulated printer in the SiteKiosk Configuration Wizard on this computer. To do this add this printer explicitly and then edit it.

Michael Olbrich