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Archive: Blocking "Add new printer" dialog box



My kiosk is not connect to a printer.
But what can I do with button with javascript : window.print(). ?

I want siteKiosk to completetly blocking dialog window "Add new printer", and all that stuff.

I try to put something inside "Window & dialogs" from SiteKiosk configuration, but it does'nt work for me.

What can I do ?

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Re: Blocking "Add new printer" dialog box 20/06/2006 16:39

when adding new entries to the Dialog and Window management of SiteKiosk, there are a few things to take care of, in order to make this work sufficiently. On the appropriate configuration page click the help button on the lower right corner to open the help page dealing with these specific settings.
Note that you should of course select the window title according to the select Windows system language and not matching the language you might run the SiteKiosk browser under.

Thorsten Abdinghoff