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Support Request: Printing issue



When attempting to print via site kiosk the printer is paused. Had some issues with the printer changing IP addresses and it paused printing. When I log on as network and local admin I can un-pause printing and everything works. However the siteliosk user is a secured user with no rights and I have no way of accessing the control panel. How do I un-pause printing for the restricted sitekiosk user? Thank you.

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Re: Printing issue 04/03/2020 15:10

Thank you for your inquiry. SiteKiosk 8.91 is out of support. Here are some tips:

If you have "Enable printer monitoring" set in SiteKiosk Configuration>>Print , then you should ensure you uncheck the setting - "Keep printer paused when quitting SiteKiosk". Then test your SiteKiosk deployment in Start Once then Auto Start modes. Doing this, will unpause it in Admin account and have available in the Restricted user account. Some Restricted user accounts may not have permission to unpause depending on environment(AD/domain). You should disable print monitoring if you not plan to limit printer usage.

Helpful Resources:

"Installation information for network printers if SiteKiosk printer monitoring is enabled":

To access the printer settings in the SiteKiosk user account, proceed as described at this FAQ article:

SiteKiosk user account Auto Start issues (disengage Auto Start before using the tool) related to the Feb 2020 update see article:

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