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Support Request: Print spooler constantly needs restarting


The print spooler needs to be restarted at least once a week on only three of our kiosks.

These three are configured differently from the rest. They use IE so it will accept USB/DVD's. They also grant users access to file explorer, word, adobe, and WMP. They also have Firefox so users can access gmail.

Is it possible there's some setting I missed that messes with the print spooler? The other kiosks have fairly bland configs and don't have this problem. So I think it has to have something to do with how these three are configured.

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Re: Print spooler constantly needs restarting 03/03/2020 17:20

Thank you for your inquiry. Generally SiteKiosk has no influence on the Windows print spooler (external applications print directly to the Windows print spooler). This is a broken configuration for which we do not provide any support. You can review your print drivers and other Windows settings. If you have "Enable printer monitoring set" in SiteKiosk Configuration>>Print , then you should ensure you check those settings and do not have "All other printers..." and your dedicated printer listed. You should choose one or the other. You could uncheck the setting - "Keep printer paused when quitting SiteKiosk". Then test your SiteKiosk deployment in Start Once then Auto Start modes.

On the other functions you mentioned, here are some tips how to convert to Chrome (payment services will not work, please ignore below if you need this function):

Starting the Windows explorer (where you can start further programs) and other external applications containing a browser are not supported with SiteKiosk for security reasons.

Instead you should use the Chrome Browser skin with the GMAIL workaround (FAQ
You could then just add Word, Adobe and etc. to the SiteKiosk Configuration >>Applications. You can use Start Screen to call your Applications.

As for File Manager you could still use the File Manager of SiteKiosk. To do that you could e.g. use the “Start Screen” with “Chrome Browser” Skin and then use the customization described here:

If you don’t want the Start Screen:

Alternatively you can use the external script from the article with the Chrome Browser Skin without start screen and call the file manager with a "Custom Button" in the skin via a HTML file.

Example without further free support:
- First add the external script as described:

- Then create an HTML file with the following content and save it in the folder "...\SiteKiosk\Html":
(new Function(_siteKiosk.getSiteKioskObjectModelCode()))();
_siteKiosk.objectModel.callHostFunction("", "SiteKiosk.ScriptDispatch.openFileManager();");
<!-- Body is empty as this window is only used to open the File Manager //--> </body> </html>

- Next, add a button in the Browser Skin under "-->Start Page & Browser-->Customize-->Browser Toolbar-->Individual Buttons" which calls this file (set individual weblink or program).

Please consider these procedures as an example of an individual customization for which we cannot offer any further free support.

Best regards,