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Support Request: Error message Windows Slide is not supported


The error message as follows: File is not supported.

I seen a similar post but that was back in 2014. I don't know if this relevant today. Here is the link to the similar post.

How do I fix this?

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Re: Error message Windows Slide is not supported 02/03/2020 19:14
Similar article here
Re: Error message Windows Slide is not supported 03/03/2020 15:05

Thank you for your inquiry. The URL is the default Idle URL configured in the SiteKiosk Player screen saver settings. It seems the URL is not available at your SiteKiosk machine.
You can:

1. Adjust the settings at “Screensaver” in the SiteKiosk configuration>>SiteKiosk Player (1.3 SiteKiosk Player in the help link below) to change that URL to protocol (https://) and web address (

2. Choose to let SiteKiosk return to the start page URL by selecting "Open SiteKiosk Start Page" .

See: .

Best regards,