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Support Request: disable certain parts of the CSP from SiteKiosk


We're loading certain pages in iframes, and it's mostly going well, but one site so far links out to another page that we'd like the user to be able to access, but it's being blocked. Specifically, the page ( has "frame-ancestors: 'self'" set in its CSP, so the browser blocks the load. This is good and standard behaviour for a browser, but we're wondering if there's any way to disable certain parts of the CSP from SiteKiosk, since it theoretically has a fair bit of power over the browser. We can't see anything like that in settings, but you're much more familiar with SiteKiosk - do you know anything more about options for CSP?

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Re: disable certain parts of the CSP from SiteKiosk 27/02/2020 16:24

Thank you for your inquiry. You may first check the SiteKiosk log (…\SiteKiosk\Logfiles). When the URL is blocked by your Surfing Area settings, you will have entries like these in the log: [SiteKiosk] Notification: According to the surf area rules the navigation to was canceled . Then you can enter this URL (or parts of it) as allowed in the surfing area.

More information about the surfing area here:

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