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Support Request: Touch command to close sitekiosk?


I've set in my SiteKiosk config to open the Service Personnel Admin Login panel when entering ALT+SHIFT+F8.

We are using this on a multi-touch interactive screen, touches are essentially just detected as mouse clicks and our screens can register up to 100 individual touchpoints at any time. During recent testing we have discovered that a certain gesture or combination of touches opens the Sitekiosk service personnel admin login panel, allowing people access to the sitekiosk backend if they knew the password we have set

Is there any gesture or amount of clicks that cause this panel to open? and if so can we disable this?

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Re: Touch command to close sitekiosk? 25/02/2020 16:36

the gesture is tapping all four corners of the screen in 3 seconds (see 1.6 here This gesture cannot be disabled, though this is planned to be implemented in a future version.