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Support Request: File Manager not working from within the start page


Here is what I have. I am working on a kiosk that only allows specific web sites and certain internal web links. I also needed to have Outlook work without resorting to OWA, I got THAT working after many many hours beating my head against the wall.

Now all I have left is the need to allow access to a mapped drive. I have followed 4 different tutorials to get this to work. I have a mapped drive called E:, it points to a specific folder on our network which contains HUNDREDS of documents needed as reference materials for our maintenance Dept. I can not get E: to open in file manager no matter what I try. I had it work once then it just stopped working. Frustrated I wiped, reinstalled and put in the backup of the configuration etc. Still no joy. What do I need to do to get this to work? Why can I not just add a link to the mapped drive and have it open?? I am all for security but the inability to just add a specific mapped drive folder to the main kiosk page without jumping through 100 hoops is extremely frustrating.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: File Manager not working from within the start page 25/02/2020 15:28

Thank you for your inquiry and sorry to hear about the frustrations you've had. You can always ask these questions, we would be glad to help. The issue you are having is that "mapped network drives" are user dependent. To successfully test your configuration, you will need to create this mapped drive on both your admin account for testing and on the Restricted user/domain account you plan to use for Auto Start mode. You also will need to explicitly list the drive letter under SiteKiosk configuration>>(IE) Files & Downloads>>Activate SiteKiosk File Manager. For Chrome browser, you can use File Manager, see instructions here:

The user account SiteKiosk is further restricted by the System Security Manager program. You simply need to open the program and choose Customized, then File System. Uncheck the drive letter you want your users to see when choosing to Auto Start with the Restricted user account. When using a domain account this step is not necessary as you will need to set your own restriction for that Auto Start account.

Please find this FAQ post on making user dependent setting changes for SiteKiosk:

Best regards,
Re: File Manager not working from within the start page 26/02/2020 18:54
Yes I have been through all of those steps. As I said I got it to work once but for some reason, when the file manager pops up, it has nothing in it. Doesn't show the drive or anything...
Re: File Manager not working from within the start page 26/02/2020 20:10

Were you affected by the latest Windows update? Did you apply the patch executable, installed a newer version of SiteKiosk or rolled back the update?

Re: File Manager not working from within the start page 26/02/2020 20:19
Wasn't affected but ran the patch anyway, still no joy.... I am just at a loss as to what I could be missing. I have set the custom security to show the mapped "E:" drive I have verified the javascript and HTML code and all I get is disk manager popping up with no drives being shown at all....Did I miss a step somewhere? I followed all of the suggested steps posted, and went over them again and still have no idea.. What would be preventing me from seeing the mapped "E:" drive?
Re: File Manager not working from within the start page 26/02/2020 21:35

I could not replicate the issue you are having. Can you please send a copy of your configuration file to support-america(at)

Best regards,
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