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Support Request: Password - locked out


We have a few tablets that we are having issues with. Occasionally our Galaxy Tab 4 tablets will go to a lock screen asking for a password. We have tried every password we have ever used and we cannot get in. I factory defaulted 4 of the tablets and reinstalled SiteKiosk. I now have the same problem on one of the tablets again. Please help.

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Re: Password - locked out 21/02/2020 16:28

Thank you for your inquiry. Generally, SiteKiosk 2.4 is out of support and that old SK version also only supports Android 4.x . Please check out the most current SiteKiosk Android version.

To get behind the lock screen you can use the general password.

General notes about the lock screen:

SiteKiosk sets the lock screen password to 1234 or to your master password (first 11 digits [including the dash] of the license information you receive when purchasing SiteKiosk Android) once SiteKiosk is registered, and removes the lock screen when you exit SiteKiosk. Normally you do not need to enter the password as everything is handled automatically by SiteKiosk. You may see the lock screen for some seconds when you start SiteKiosk.

Only in exceptional cases, this password can be required to unlock the lock screen manually. The lock screen needs to be reconfigured if SiteKiosk is no longer used and uninstalled. Note that some SiteKiosk settings require the Android lock screen to be disabled. If an Android lock screen has been set outside of SiteKiosk you will be asked to deactivate it.

Important Note: When using Android 8 the lock screen must be deactivated. It will also not be activated by SiteKiosk. This is due to restrictions of Android 8.

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Re: Password - locked out 23/02/2020 19:48
Ok, thank you. What is the "General Password" so that I can get back into these tablets?
Re: Password - locked out 24/02/2020 17:04

Your master/general password is the first 11 digits [including the dash] of the license information you receive when purchasing SiteKiosk Android.

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