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Support Request: Repeat Navigations



We are currently using Sitekiosk Android to deploy about 50 kiosks and I am currently working through creation of a finalized config file. The kiosk will work in full screen browser mode displaying a website that users can navigate. I am getting an issue where the website seems to be reloading every few seconds within SiteKiosk. This is causing log overflow warnings in SiteRemote and our kiosks actually got black listed at one point because the web server thought it was a DDoS attack. Attached are the current config file and log showing repeated navigations to the site in question. Please help me understand why this is happening an how I may be able to troubleshoot further.

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Re: Repeat Navigations 19/02/2020 19:50

Just after I posted this I found a way to replicate the issue consistently. We are running SiteKiosk on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E. When I remove the power plug and plug it back in the white cross (no go zone) appears. Presumably because the kiosk is bring up the battery charging message (current charge percent with animated spinning circle). Behind the white cross I can see the escape dialogue is pulled up for a few seconds after which the escape dialogue disappears and navigates back to the start page however instead of just showing the page it constantly tries to refresh it as I can see if flicking behind the white cross, reloading the page. This also happens if I leave the tablet plugged in for a while. If I leave it plugged in for a while then eventually something causes the white cross to appear again and repeatedly refresh the page. I have found it in this state on more than one occasion.

Re: Repeat Navigations 20/02/2020 16:01
Hello? Provisio? This is a time critical project and at this moment the software is just broken. Please help!
Re: Repeat Navigations 20/02/2020 16:03

Thank you for your inquiry. Based on your description, a dialog box (blocked by SiteKiosk for security reasons) appears repeatedly on the device, which in turn causes SiteKiosk or the Start Page to reload.

First: This can be triggered by Surfing Area or Content Filter restrictions you setup in SiteKiosk. You could have a look at the SiteKiosk log (...\SiteKiosk\Logs) to check if it applies to any Surfing Area or Content Filter settings.

Second: You could check whether the battery charging message (from Android) can be disabled in the Android settings. Or for any other applications, you can turn off all notifications and updates.

Third: If that doesn’t help, you need to check the Android ADB Log at the time span the issue occurred to find out the name of the package that is blocked (SiteKiosk cannot determine in its own log which other Android app is blocked, since apps under Android run in sandbox mode). Here is a description how accessing the ADB logs (found with Google):

In the ADB log, you can search for the keyword " SK-WatchDog". In that area the package name should be displayed.
09-21 10:05:43.181 1470 1525 D SK-WatchDog: not allowed

Then you can allow the package by editing the SiteKiosk configuration (e.g. download it via SiteRemote or export/import your file locally and then use an Editor to open See: ).

Add the package name to the SiteKiosk configuration file like this (example with calendar app):
< enabled="true"/>

Best regards,
Re: Repeat Navigations 20/02/2020 23:23
Thank you for the response Andre,

I was able to retrieve the ADB log and find the packages causing conflict. I can allow some packages triggering the watchdog however other leave the system compromised. I.e. allowing allows the hamburger menu (app switcher) to function in Android which is undesirable. I am working the proper combination of allows to reduce the watchdog triggers without compromising the system however, is there anyway to allow watchdog to work silently? Blocking background processes without putting a big white cross on the screen, constantly refreshing, and making the system unusable?
Re: Repeat Navigations 21/02/2020 20:13

Sorry for the delay. More research is being done. You will have an answer soon.

Best regards,
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