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Support Request: Won't auto boot in kiosk mode


We have four identical kiosks running the same application all running SiteKiosk. One suddenly won't AutoStart in kiosk mode through SiteKiosk. In SiteKiosk, when we hit "Test", it properly goes to the directed website. If we Save and select "One time", it properly goes to the directed website. If we select "AutoStart" and reboot, it opens in Windows10 providing the User login options. Any ideas as to where to look to resolve this issue?

We have attempted numerous times with numerous reboots - all with the same results. THANK YOU, jBrad

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Re: Won't auto boot in kiosk mode 19/02/2020 18:03

Thank you for your inquiry. If your computers were recently updated, the latest Windows update from 02/11/2020 (KB4532693) includes a change which causes Auto Start mode to stop working. The current version of SiteKiosk Windows( is not affected and fixes this issue. You will find more information and fixes for SiteKiosk Versions < 9.7.5320 here:

Otherwise in the Admin Account, open the Start SiteKiosk program and select Customize. At the option "Log in Automatically at system startup", click Settings on the same line. Check the domain and credentials of the other account to be used. In some cases, due to permission issues, you will need to open Start SiteKiosk with "Run as Admin".

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