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Support Request: sitekiosk customization options



i would like to know something about sitekiosk... does it have the same customization options as sitecaster? like vertical screen, resolution, the elements you can add like animations, web pages, navigation options to bring you to another page of the proyect etc.

thank you in advance!

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Re: sitekiosk customization options 18/02/2020 09:57

SiteKiosk is a secure browser that protects the Windows system from direct access.
In addition to displaying websites, SiteKiosk can also be used as SiteCaster Player to display SiteCaster content on the Client (while protecting the system).
You may check the “Start Screen” template (SiteKiosk configuration-->Start Page & Browser) but igenerally SiteCaster is intended for content creation.

Further information:
- SiteKiosk:
- SiteCaster
- SiteCaster Tutorial Videos:

Michael Olbrich
Re: sitekiosk customization options 18/02/2020 09:58
does the plan "SiteRemote Cloud & SiteCaster CMS combined license" for 120€ includes a sitekiosk license for 1 terminal? it says it allows access a sitekiosk terminal

thanks again!
Re: sitekiosk customization options 18/02/2020 10:00

The SiteKiosk license needs to be purchased separately and is not included to the “SiteRemote Cloud & SiteCaster CMS Bundle – Annual Plan” license.
Web Shop:
If you have further questions on licensing and/or purchasing please contact our sales:

Michael Olbrich
Re: sitekiosk customization options 18/02/2020 10:16
ok! and is the sitekiosk license for ever yours, right? i mean no cost every year, once bought is forever yours

Re: sitekiosk customization options 18/02/2020 10:26

the SiteKiosk license has no time limit and is valid for the current SiteKiosk version (actually 9.7.5320) and all SiteKiosk versions released within 12 months.

Michael Olbrich