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FAQ: Unable to create limited user account


If you get a message that the default password does not meet your password requirements (Title: Unable to create limited user account) you need to reinstall SiteKiosk with a command line parameter that creates a password for the SiteKiosk user which meets the complexity requirements for passwords you setup on you system.

During the installation of SiteKiosk the installer creates the restricted SiteKiosk Windows user account.
The default password of the SiteKiosk user is “provisio" which doesn't meet YOUR password requirements.
These requirements were setup on your Windows system (e.g. strong password policy - gpedit.msc) and not by SiteKiosk.

If you have configured your Windows system that only strong password will be accepted the SiteKiosk user account can’t be created and you will get the notification "Unable to create limited user account".

You can install SiteKiosk with a password of your choice by installing SiteKiosk through the command line and adding the parameters.
(SiteKiosk7.exe /v"DEFAULTPASSWD=YourPassword88")
Then the installer will create the SiteKiosk user account with the given password.
(Alternatively you can deactivate the Windows setting that only strong passwords will be accepted before you install SiteKiosk and enable it again after the installation.)

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